Deep Sea Mariners

People who dared to go beyond the horizon

Your ancestors may well have been seafarers. Some of us have direct proof of our mariner forebears - in the shape of Apprenticeship certificates, Navigating Officers 'tickets', or simply letters of a mariner (perhaps a long-lost relation) from a distant sea-port, whilst serving on a sailing ship.

People who went to sea, in craft of all kinds, beyond their own home horizon were always "a bit brave". Deep sea mariners, those who took their vessels out into 'unfathomed' ocean waters, were a breed apart.

They . . . . . . (work in progress)

Relatives Names

Were your great grandfathers at sea?

Do any of the following 'Clan names', or surnames, relate to your ancestory?

The following list has been compiled from Crewlists & Agreements of ships connected with R&J Craig of Glasgow at the high point of Sail Power, sometime between 1870 to 1907. If a recognised name appears then you may have more relations around the world than you had ever imagined!

As an example, in the past few weeks there has already been a small stream of confirmed names of ancestors who worked on Craigs's "COUNTIES" reported to this site.

(Continuing review in progress - February 2015)

List of Master Mariners (mostly Scots)

(Who served on R&J Craig's "COUNTY" ships of Scotland during the high point of Sail-Power)

Surname: Initial(s) and birth year (if known):

Allen J

Alexander W

Andersen W (b1867)

Armour W (b1849)

Auld WC (b1860)

Bain J


Blair J

Borland C

Buchanan A (b1861)



Craig A (b1841)

Craig R (b1824, Extra Master)

Cumming J (b1828)

Cumming J (b1866)



Drysdale JW

Duncanson CFF

Eddington G

Fetters J

Fordyce William


Gray T

Hood W


Isles JG


Jamieson J


Laen W

Lamont D

Leslie JC (b1863)

Lloyd D




McDonald C (b1862)

McFee J (b1827)

McLean D

McLeod A (b1864)


McKenzie   RMM (b1829)

McNicol M

Miller Andrew (b1833)

Murdoch J (b1865)



Parkhouse J


Pattman R (b1851)


Quillan R

Richards JW

Rollins JP

Scott DL

Sinclair J (b1843)


Stewart J (b1839)

Stroak JD (b1846)

Taylor A

Thomson D


Tork J


Tosh D

Wallace J

Walker F

Webster I

Weller J

Wilton J



Young D


Noteable others connected:

Jarvis D (b1820)

Robertson W (b1848)


List of surnames of Crewmen:

(Who at one time or other served on R&J Craig's "COUNTY" ships of Scotland)

First Crew of maiden voyage of sv "County of Peebles" (Glasgow to Batavia & Sourabaya), as signed, leaving July 1875.

Surname: Christian name: Role: Home town:

Miller, Andrew - Master, Perth (Scotland)

Bell, Andrew - Mate, Paisley

Hector, William - 2nd Mate, Greenock

Kelly, George - Bosun, Co Clare (Ireland)

Muir, James - B'sun'sMate, Arbroath

Calder, Sinclair G - Carpenter, Dunnet?

Hodge, James G - Carpenter, Dundee

Price, DG - Steward, Philadelphia (USA)

Smith, James - Cook, Glasgow

Claun, William T - Seaman, Quebec

Nicholson, Angus - AB, Sky

Ferguson, Daniel - OS, Inverness

Amsterfan, Peter - AB, Finsbury

Zellin, William - AB, Germany

Benson, Ben - AB, Dunedin

Evans, John - AB, Solva (Pembrokeshire)

Sharp, Nathan - AB, Kincardine

Henderson, Alex - AB, Argyleshire

Morrison, Arthur - AB, Lerwick

Tulloch, James - AB, Shetland

Richard, John - AB, Frome

Taylor, James - AB, Edinburgh

Brown, Thomas - AB, Dover

Turncay, John - AB, Kircudbright

Percival, Thomas - AB, Pell

Fleming, William - OS, Glasgow

Blackstone, William W - OS, United States

Cameron, Duncan - OS, Skye

Dickons, James - AB, Pell

McMahon, John - Boy, Lochgelly

Ruimgaurd - AB, Germany?

Raistal, Mikhal - AB, Norway

Coffey, Patrick - AB, Cardiff

Quine, John - AB, Isle of Man

Smythe, William - AB, Plymouth

Jones, William - AB, Holyhead

Osberg, William - AB, Swindon

Bourg, Louis - AB, France

Milner, William - OS, Yorkshire

Osborne, William - OS, Lancaster

Simmons, James - AB, Sunderland

Baynes, Alexander - AB, Aberdeen

Ashworth, JH - OS, Liverpool

Hard, RW - Boy, Edinburgh

Baker, CF - OS, London


Note: AB=Able Bodied seaman; OS=Ordinary Seaman

(Reviewed  . . . . .  January 2015)

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