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Content relates to the history of Scottish “clipper-ships”, in the period known as the 'high-point' of sailing ships - between 1873 and circa 1898.

An early picture of 'County of Peebles' (launched 1875).

This website was launched in April 2009 in advance of a manuscript about the "high point of sail power". Eventually published in December 2009, the book (a maritime history) stems from developments from the 'powerhouse' behind the great advances in sailing ships - the River Clyde.

In view of the milestone decision by a Scottish ship-owner, to introduce 4 (rather than 3) masts, the story encapsulates a renowned fleet of 19th Century 'clipper' ships registered at Glasgow, Scotland - at the heart of the sail-power revolution.

Entitled "GONE . . . . ", the book is: ". . . a revealing portrait of the people of R&J Craig of Glasgow, and their fabulous 4-masted sailing ships named after Scottish counties" ~ recognised round the world as "Craig's Counties".

It was released on 1st December 2009, by the famous maritime publisher Brown, Son & Ferguson of Glasgow. (ISBN=978-1-84927-013-7).          DON'T MISS IT!


The book can be purchased, simply and directly as follows, from:

- any 'Independent' Bookshop (especially those selling Maritime/Transport books)

- the Amazon website (worldwide) or,

- the publisher Brown Son & Ferguson, Glasgow: 'buy-direct':

telephone: +44(0)14-1429-5922

or via: (international sales easily handled).

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Any enquiries regarding this website may be addressed to the sponsor through the contact form, on the "Contact Us" page.

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